writer - director.

This 1-minute social media reel for Arva International showcases the ease of traveling abroad for studies. Filmed in Ernakulam over two days, the ad was shot using a Sony FX3 camera with Sony G Master lenses. The advertisement captures the excitement and speed of the process, making studying abroad a quick and appealing option.

director of photography.

ravam malayalam shortfilm.

Ravam is a 6-minute, 40-second thriller short film set at night. The film, which has received the Indian Film House National Award for cinematography and five other awards, explores the mental struggles of Titus Koshy, a psychiatric patient. Titus's situation takes a dark turn when a misdirected call exposes her to a conversation about a murder plot.

unnathan malayalam video song.

Unnathan is a 6-minute Malayalam Christian devotional music video. Filmed in the scenic Wagamon location, the video was shot in a single day using a Blackmagic 6K camera with Zeiss Compact Prime third generation lenses.

product photography.